Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Hellions: About Rick Leven

Rick Leven, who actually is expanded on later in the saga, is introduced in "SuperNova" as a journalist who befriended several key government operatives in the path of his reporting. He and Anakira Simons are obviously an item and the relationship is alluded to early on in the script. Leven's true intentions are cloudy in the early parts, but clear up over time.

The Hellions: About the Mysterious 'Charles'

The Hellions 'SuperNova' story line introduces 'Charles,' a shadowy government figure, early on in the process, trying to woo Hilga Swartz (notice his hands cupping hers) to give over sensitive information relating to Epiffany Minion.
His advances are rebuffed and Hilga, who gives evidence that the two knew each other previously and maybe had a relationship, stands her ground with him and tries to turn the tables. The introduction of Charles adds to the mystique of what Minion is evidently hiding. Will we find out?

The Hellions: About 'Sheena Johnson'

Sheena Johnson goes by the online alias "Thickbone." It's a devious play on her true designs, which aren't revealed until much later in the saga. What is revealed in the first episode is that Sheena is a caseworker at the hospital, coincidentally the one that Epiffany Minion is admitted to. Also, she is in secret communications with Anakira Simons, who is revealed early in the story as a Pentagon operative.

The Hellions: About Hilga Swartz

No character is as conniving and straight-laced as Hilga Swartz, the Pentagon operative that seems to pull the strings on Epiffany Minion's desperate plans to uncover the NetherNet. Swartz has as a sidekick the just-as-evil Anakira Simons, who at once seems to be more and less of what she wants to be.

Concept Art for Hellions Finale

This is concept art for my "Hellions" sci fi soap opera. I've been toying with this one for a while. This is a scene where the Himeratti turn their backs on Hilga Swartz, guranteeing her defeat at the hands of the Hellions. This scene would be way back in the saga, probably around episode 8 or 9.

Half-Ink Sketch for "Android River"

Still stagnant about what to do with "Android River," the plot has taken a backseat to me doing art for the Hellions and the Defiers. Here is a half-ink though. I did this one day about around dusk.

Inked Sketch of 'Defiers' page

This is one of the few pages that I haven't used, but will one day. It was drawn to be about page 4 or 5 in the "Back From the Brink," episode of the Defiers. When I ink it i may use it.

Hellions Superhuman Girl

This is art for one of those dreaded "Special" superhumans. The Hellions franchise needs good-looking droids, borgs and "Specials," to be effective. She fits right in.

Intro Banner

Just playing around with a new banner before the site launch. I decided that I wasn't going to use it, but i will if I go ahead with plans for an intro page. The colors of the page will be these as shown, a coffee brown with a few filters.

Blafi: Hellions Summary

This is the hover art you see when you mouseover on the homepage. I think it sums up the plot of the episode pretty well, although you'd always want more to say. I think it works though.

The lead character in the Hellions saga is Epiffany Minion, a computer scientist from South Africa. Minion's intentions are never divulged in the epic, although the motives of her comtemporaries are on full display. The opera is meant to be shown backward, but due to the nature of the Internet may never be.
In any event, the futuristic tale features great art,

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Defiers: The Original Lineup

These are the characters as drawn originally by Curt Johnson. The influences run across the comic book spectrum. Let's see what we can do with them.

First Sketch for "Android River"

Thursday, February 5, 2009

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